How do I schedule an event?

Go to the Schedule tab and click Schedule event on the right-hand side of the screen. Next, choose a name for your room and use the drop-down calendar to specify the date. Make sure the time zone setting on the right is correct.

Choose Access type. You can create events that are Open to all, Password protected, or Token protected. When logging in to token-protected meetings, attendees need individually assigned tokens, which are sent automatically with invitations.

In the Rebranding and Waiting room tabs, you can change the layout and branding of your webinar and waiting rooms, as well as the agenda and the lobby message displayed to attendees while they wait for the event to start.

If you enable Registration for your event, you’ll know in advance how many people want to take part. To capture additional information, go to the Registration tab and choose the details you require.

After choosing your settings, don’t forget to Save event.

If you send Outlook invitations to your ClickMeeting events, the ClickMeeting plugin for Outlook is worth checking out! It allows you to schedule meetings and invite participants directly in Outlook with just a few clicks. Watch this quick tutorial to learn how to install and use the plugin.