How do I send thank-you notes to attendees? Can I email a recorded event?

How do I send thank-you notes to attendees?

ClickMeeting automatically redirects attendees to a thank-you page after the event ends. You can choose any web page. After the event, ClickMeeting also sends an automatic thank-you email to each attendee. Its content can be customized while scheduling or editing an event in the Automation tab. This feature is available for Automated plans only.

Can I email a recorded event?

Yes, of course! You can send each and every recording to your attendees after the event is over.

Go to your Storage section with recordings and find the file you would like to share with your audience. Click the Actions button, then Publish, and Send. The recording will be sent to all the attendees who took part in that particular event. If you have enabled registration, the recording will also be sent to people who registered but did not take part in the actual live event.

The Automated plan allows you to attach the event recording to your automatic thank-you emails, which later can be sent to all attendees who took part in your event. You will find this option in the Automation tab while creating an event and expanding the Follow-up rules tab.

The same applies to the Automatic follow-up emails option below where you can also attach your recording and send it to people who registered but eventually never showed up in the event room.

As an alternative, export your recording to your Dropbox or YouTube account, and share the link with your attendees via an email message, post on your Facebook, or any other social media account.

The recordings belong to you, so you can also download them to your hard drive and send them to anyone who needs it at any time.