How do I add funds to my toll-free balance?

To add funds, log in to the account and Schedule or Edit your event. After providing the title for the event and setting up the room type, date of the event and Access Type, go to the Toll Free number section and click on the switch. In the calculator, provide an estimated number of attendees and event duration (in minutes). The system will count the minutes and costs for you underneath the equation. If you are ready, click on Add funds and then the Pay button in the pop-up.

If you exceed the toll-free balance designated for your event, the difference between the funds purchased and the funds used will be charged from your credit card.

The toll-free numbers are available for attendees in Canada, the United States, Poland, Russia, and the UK at the moment. The list of available toll-free numbers can be found here.

Your current toll-free balance is available in the drop-down menu underneath your username or in the Billing Details section after choosing the Transactions history option. Next to your chosen transaction, click Actions and then choose Details or Invoice to display the details.