What is the RWD room?

RWD stands for Responsive Web Design. In terms of the webinar room, it means that your attendees can join your event on their mobile devices with their browser. They will not have to download the application to enter the webinar room.

So far, the RWD room version is available for webinar attendees only. It means that, as a webinar host or as a presenter, you need to use the mobile application to join and run the event on your mobile device. Moreover, an attendee who joins the webinar on the RWD room version cannot be enabled to be a presenter or use the Whiteboard with drawing tools.

The RWD room version works only on Safari and Google Chrome. To join a webinar in the RWD room, attendees need to have the latest version of one of these browsers on their mobile devices.

The RWD room version is available for webinars only. If you host an online meeting and want to collaborate on mobile devices, you and your attendees will have to use the mobile application.

Please note that embedded event rooms are not supported by the RWD version.