Attendee Space

What is Attendee Space?

What is Attendee Space?

Attendee space provides attendees with an easy access to ClickMeeting webinars and online meetings.

Upon creating an account, attendees can view their event history as well as a list of upcoming events they have registered for or have been invited to.

To get started, click here and open the Create Account tab. Fill in the sign-up form and click Accept & create an account.After logging in, you will see 2 tabs: Upcoming Events and Past Events (i.e. a list of events you have attended).

To join an upcoming event, click on the Join button next to it. Good news: you don’t need to remember event passwords/tokens! Your access details are stored in your Attendee space account.

You can edit your account details or delete your account in the Account details tab by hovering over your account profile photo in the top-right corner of the account.