How do I use the ClickMeeting mobile app?

Start by downloading the app to your mobile device (iOS or Android).

Then join an event using the mobile app. As a host, you would need to log in to your ClickMeeting account first. Launch the app and choose I’m a host, then enter your email/login and password. Once you have logged in, you can join any of your previously scheduled events. Choose an event from the list and click the Join event button. If you are in a hurry, click the Meet now button to instantly join a new event room. Along with accessing your ClickMeeting events, you can download/delete your files in the Files tab of your account panel. You can also view your account settings and contact our Customer Success Team, if necessary – to do so, please enter the Settings tab.

To join an event as an attendee, launch the mobile app, choose I’m an attendee and enter the event ID. The ID is included in a ClickMeeting email invitation. Alternatively, the host can share it through other channels (e.g. on social media/in a text message). If you have received an event URL, e.g. as part of a ClickMeeting email invitation, click the URL to join the event. You can choose if you would like to join it using the mobile app or from a mobile browser (Chrome/Safari).

To join the room as a presenter, click the link in your event invitation. You will be automatically redirected to the ClickMeeting mobile app.

As soon as you have joined the event as a host or presenter, you can access the following tabs at the bottom of the screen: Event along with the AV bar, Chat, Attendees, Settings, Info, Menu. The buttons at the top enable you to start the event, start recording, as well as leave the event room.

The buttons to enable/disable microphone and camera are located in the AV bar. Tab the three dots menu in the AV bar to access more features: Mute all, Camera mirror view, AV quality and AV layout selection. Tap the icon next to the mic icon to change from using the smartphone’s front camera to the rear one.

The Chat icon is visible to everyone in the event room. The host or presenter can disable the chat feature at any moment or enable chat moderation under Settings.

Enter the Attendees tab to view everyone who has joined the event. Use one of the 6 categories to easily search for/filter your participants: Presenters, In the waiting room, Technical problem, Raise hand, Web, Mobile. To quickly invite more attendees, tap the icon in the top right corner of the Attendees tab and share your event details on Instagram, Messenger, Facebook, Gmail, Whatsapp, through a text message, etc.

Go to Settings to change the app interface language and manage app permission settings. You can also enable/disable the attendee list there, manage chat settings (enable/disable the chat, enable/disable chat moderation) and select your preferred recording layout. If you are using our mobile app on an Android device, click Broadcast camera view in the background to keep streaming your camera video in the background while the app is minimized.

The Info tab contains information about the event host and the event itself. There you can also start a live chat with our Customer Success Team, if needed.

Finally, the Menu tab reflects the Menu in the desktop version. It has the same features except for the Live streaming services.