How do I join an event from an iPad, iPhone or Android device?

Launch your ClickMeeting mobile application.

If you are using a tablet, choose I’m a Participant or I’m a Host. Then enter Meeting ID, click Join, provide your name and email address, and again click Join.

If you are using a smartphone, the Participant tab is displayed by default. To change to Host, simply change the tab. Enter meeting ID, your name and email address, and click Join.

Use the QR code feature to seamlessly join an active event on your mobile device. Switch from a web browser to a mobile browser/ClickMeeting mobile app without having to re-enter your login details. Simply enter the Event board tab in the top right corner of the event room, click Generate QR and then scan the code with your mobile device. If you are joining the event as a presenter, please note that you need to have the ClickMeeting mobile app installed to use the QR code feature.