Does the ClickMeeting platform require any installation to join the event?

Presenters and attendees do not need to create a ClickMeeting account to join a webinar or a meeting. They can be sent an email invitation, where they can click on the link redirecting to the webinar room. They also can copy the room ID, which consists of 9 digits, and paste it on this page.

Please remember that when logging in to the event room, you will be asked to provide your name (which does not have to be real) and your email address. We strongly suggest providing an existing email address, in order to receive any materials from the event you take part in (if the organizer decides to share any).

The attendees also have the chance to join the webinar room from their iPad, iPhone, Android device with a mobile app, or browser (Google Chrome or Safari). This does not require any installation of software as it is based on the RWD technology. You can read more about it here.

By using a QR code, event participants can seamlessly switch from a laptop/desktop to a mobile device without having to re-enter login details.

Users can also dial into the webinar room or use toll-free numbers if the organizer decides to enable such a way of joining the event.