The Power of Video

The power of video in making your webinar a success Webinars are an important informational marketing tool used by 62% of marketers. 92% of those marketers consider it an effective technique. Q: How can you give your webinars even more impact? A: Harness the power of video! Video is more popular than ever – both in personal use and in business 78% of US adults who use the Internet watch or download videos – nearly 188.5 million unique viewers!93% of marketers are already engaged with using video for online marketing and 82% believe that video marketing has had a positive impact on their business.You can use videos to:Boost registration and attendance, Enhance viewer engagement, Increase your audience after the completion of the webinarPre-event:Send out a sneak peak or trailer of your webinar content to attract registrants, Offer a free informative video on the topic as a registration or attendance incentive. Within the webinar: Ask your participants to send their questions via video in advance and incorporate them into the webinar, Include snippets of video within your webinar to make your content more dynamic - customer testimonials can be powerfully demonstrative for example. Post event: Repurpose some of that great video and webinar content on your blog, social media, sales pitches, etc. Mine your Q & A's for ideas for future content (especially if you have videos from webinar attendees!)The one must-do: Make your webinar available for future viewing.Finding the one right time to schedule your webinar for all attendees is impossible! 10 am in New York = 4 pm in Berlin = 10 pm in Beijing = 12 am in Melbourne = 7 am in Los Angeles. Be sure to send the video link out to all registrants and share across channels to gain more viewers.
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