What are the principles of how ClickMeeting’s add-ons work?

Add-ons are additional features that can be separately purchased and added to a paid plan. It is not obligatory to purchase an add-on on the ClickMeeting platform, but it might help streamline the flow of the event and give different abilities to the account owners. The add-ons available on the platform are Recording space, Change username, Parallel events, Presenters, Subaccounts, and Storage.

The payments for add-ons work on the same basis as the subscription payments and are renewed every 30 or 365 days (depending on the plan – monthly or annual). It means that if you purchase, for instance, the Parallel events add-on, you will be charged for it till the moment you cancel it. The only exception is the Change username add-on, which is a one-time payment.

When purchasing the add-on, you will notice two prices displayed on the payment form – the amount for the whole billing cycle, which lasts 30 or 365 days, and the amount you will be charged at the time of the purchase. The amount to be paid is calculated in proportion to the remaining days in the current billing cycle.

If you decide to cancel the add-on, you can do it in the Billing details section by clicking the Cancel button next to it. After following the aforementioned steps, the add-on will remain active till the end of your current billing cycle and then disappear from your account, meaning you will no longer be able to use it nor will not be charged for it. You can always get back to using selected add-ons by purchasing them once again.

It is only possible to remove the entire batch of add-ons. For instance, if you have purchased additional seats for 5 presenters, you can remove exactly these 5 add-ons. It is not possible to remove only 2 or 3 seats for presenters.