Managing attendee audio and video permissions

During meetings attendees have microphone and camera permissions by default. These cannot be revoked by the host or presenters. Up to 25 microphones and cameras can be active at the same time.

During webinars a host or presenters can give an attendee permission to enable microphone and/or camera. Up to 8 cameras and microphones can be active at the same time.

In Edu Mode attendees have camera permission by default that cannot be revoked by the host or presenters. They can give an attendee permission to enable microphone.

To give an attendee microphone permission, click on their name in the Attendee list. You will see a toggle button in Attendee details: Allow to turn on microphone. Toggle the switch to the ON position to allow the attendee to enable their microphone. If you want them to be able to turn their camera on, toggle Allow to turn on camera to the ON position.

If any of these toggle buttons are ON and not clickable, this means the audio and/or video permission is granted by default (e.g. camera permission in Edu mode), hence This option is not available for this user displayed when hovering over the toggle button.

Once an attendee has been allowed access to microphone and has enabled the device, the host or presenter can disable it by clicking Mute microphone under the Allow to turn on microphone toggle button. With some attendees forgetting to mute their mic after they have finished speaking and accidentally generating echo, this feature comes in really handy. Similarly, you can disable attendee’s camera by clicking Stop stream under Allow to turn on camera. Please note that muting attendee’s microphone or disabling their camera does not revoke a permission to enable audio and/or video granted by the host or presenter. To revoke that permission, enter Attendee details and toggle the switch (Allow to turn on microphone and/or Allow to turn on camera) to the OFF position.

Alternatively, you can mute attendee’s microphone by clicking on the mic icon displayed in their AV stream. The Mute microphone and Stop stream icons are also accessible next to each attendee in the Attendee list directly.

Please note that once an audio/video permission has been granted to an attendee, they will keep it with any event type changes. E.g. if someone is granted audio permission in Edu mode, they will not lose this permission after the event has been changed into a Webinar.