Is it possible to save the room set-up before going live?

Yes, you are enabled to prepare the room set-up before actually starting your event. After joining the webinar room please, choose the Prepare event button to get ready for the event. That way, you can upload your presentation, video, or any other piece of content into the event room, save the settings, and close the window, without worrying it all disappears.

Simply join the event room of your choice and prepare all the elements that are crucial for your conference. Upload files and choose how they ought to be displayed.

The layout of the event room is in your hands. That’s why you are also able to choose how it looks on your and your audience’s side. With the layout synchronization, you can dock the AV pod to the upper right corner of the screen or undock it and leave it as a small window. You can also completely hide the AV pod and leave the bar with microphone and camera icons only, hide the right-side panel or expand it, as well as stretch the chatbox vertically.

Decide if you would like to synchronize the layout or not by clicking on the synchronization switch available in the top bar of the room. After switching it on, you and your viewers will have the same layout displayed on the screens.

After choosing the right tools to be ready for you or your co-presenters in advance, remember to save your settings. After doing so, even if you close the tab in your browser, your settings will remain as you have set them up earlier.