I need an account to be used by several people in my organization. What can I do?

If you want several people to use the same account, you can either create a Multiuser account or Subaccount for them.

Choose a Multiuser account if you want your co-workers, employees or contractors to use the same account but have their own login details. They will be able to log in to the main account and create and host their own events on your account. Please note, however, that this type of account allows only one person to host one event at a time. To be able to organize two or more events at the same time, you would want to purchase the Parallel Event add-on.

Choose a Subaccount if you would like to keep your co-workers’, employees’ or contractors’ data private. Each person will get their own storage space as well as recording time allowances. To purchase a Subaccount, log in to the account, hover the pointer over your name in the right upper corner, go to the Account Add-Ons section and choose Subaccounts.

Please note that your Subaccount and Multiuser account users cannot purchase the add-ons or make any other payments within their accounts. The payments can only be made from and for the main account.