How can I share my screen?

Join your webinar room and navigate to the menu on the left to click the Desktop sharing icon. A new pop-up window will appear on the screen asking you to choose between the browser-embedded screen sharing option or a screen sharing application, which can be downloaded onto your computer.

You can also click here to download the app for MAC OS or here for Windows. The application enables you to share your full screen, a screen area or only a selected application. You can also share various types of media or conduct a software demonstration. After you launch the screen sharing, use the drawing tools, arrows, and colors to support your demonstrations.

With one simple click, you can customize the quality to suit your hardware. Choose between the high-quality HighQ Mode for high hardware and the light-quality LiteQ Mode for light hardware.

Please note that desktop sharing is available only on platforms that support Adobe AIR, such as MS Windows and MAC OSX, and does not function on Linux or Chromebooks. Please also note that on iPhone, iPad, or Android devices (smartphones and tablets), you can only view a shared screen, but cannot share your screen.

You can also opt to use the screen sharing option embedded in your browser. Please note, however, that certain features are not available with this function. Embedded screen sharing does not offer the chatbox, drawing tools, screen control, or screen area-sharing options.

Embedded screen sharing employs your browser’s native functions. This solution enables you to share your full screen, your selected application, or a selected bookmark within a given browser. This version is available for Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. This option also allows you to share your audio while sharing your screen. On devices with a macOS or Windows system, you can share your audio within Google Chrome and Edge browsers tabs only. Additionally, the Windows system allows you to share your audio when choosing to share your whole screen.