Can my attendees also share their screen during an event?

If you work in a small group with up to 25 people, it is a great idea to collaborate with the whole audience by talking, seeing each other or each other’s screens. The ClickMeeting platform allows your attendees not only to turn on their cameras or microphones but also to display their screen and discuss issues or visualize ideas.

Simply, create a meeting or change the event type to a meeting directly in the event room. When the attendees join your event, they will see three icons within the AV pod that enable them to use audio, video, or screen sharing. Let your audience know where to click to turn on a chosen feature.

Please remember that only one person at a time can share their screen. You can see who exactly is sharing the screen on the Attendee list. The little icon indicating the enabled screen sharing will not be crossed through.

If you do not want a certain attendee to share their screen, you can click on their name and disable the screen sharing option for them. To block this option for the whole audience, please change the event type to a webinar. Note that blocking only one user (or blocking the whole audience by changing the event type to the webinar) takes away the right to turn on the camera and microphone or share the screen.

The possibility to share the screen is available for attendees using the latest updated versions of the following browsers: Google Chrome, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox.