How can I charge for my webinars hosted on ClickMeeting?

First, integrate your paid ClickMeeting account with PayPal. Please note that PayPal has a different policy in each country due to various specifications of its market. The customers are able to benefit from PayPal account to the extent determined by PayPal for these countries.

Now, when scheduling an event, you can choose a Paid access type and enter the fee that your attendees should pay to obtain the access to your live webinar.

Please note that the current limits for the event ticket of each of the currency are listed below:

Currency Limit
USD 1000
EUR 1000
GBP 1000
PLN 4000
RUB 100000
AUD 1500
CAD 1500
CZK 23000
DKK 6500
HKD 10000
ILS 37000
MXN 20000
NOK 8500
NZD 1500
PHP 53000
SGD 1400
SEK 9000
CHF 1000
THB 33000