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New to ClickMeeting?
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New to ClickMeeting?
Use these guides to get started.


EDU Mode

How does Edu mode work and how do I enable it?

How does Edu mode work and how do I enable it?

The principle behind Edu Mode is very simple:

  • Presenter can see all the event attendees.
  • Attendees can only see the presenter, but not one another.
  • Presenter can ask an attendee (or multiple attendees) to speak to the entire group.

Edu mode can be enabled during meetings and webinars with up to 40 participants. Please note that you cannot switch to Edu mode if the number of people in your room exceeds 40.

Follow these steps to activate Edu Mode during your events:

Join the event, click the MENU icon in the top-left corner of the event room, then click Event type in the bottom-left corner. Choose Edu Mode from the list of event types, then click Apply.

Presenters and attendees will see a customised notification once Edu Mode is enabled.


This mode allows you to see everyone in the event room, while they can only see you. You can grant attendees permission to speak.


This mode allows you to see the person hosting the event and them to see you. Attendees can neither see you nor one another. If the person hosting the event enables you to speak, all event participants will hear you.

As soon as an attendee enables camera, they will see their video stream in the event room. Presenter’s video stream will show up as larger compared to that of an attendee. Note that attendees cannot dock or undock their video streams while in Edu mode.

Presenter can give an attendee (or multiple attendees, one by one) permission to speak by clicking on a person’s name in the Attendee list and selecting Unlock mic. Once the microphone is enabled and the attendee starts speaking, everyone in the room will hear them. Presenter can disable the attendee’s microphone at any time.

Attendees can actively request microphone rights by clicking on the smiley icon in the bottom-right corner of the room and changing their status to Raise hand. Presenters will then be able to decide if they want to grant microphone rights to the attendee or simply ignore the request.

Please note that attendees cannot share their screen while Edu Mode is on.

If you plan on using Edu mode during your event, please advise your attendees not to dial in. Instead, ask them to join it through a web browser, ClickMeeting mobile app or a mobile browser (Chrome/Safari). Dialling in automatically means that attendees have microphone rights, which conflicts with how Edu mode works.