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How many cameras can I turn on during an online meeting?

How many cameras can I turn on during an online meeting?

To host an efficient online meeting during which you can see all of your attendees, you can make use of the AV grid function. You can team up with a group of 40 people and conduct a virtual conference where everyone can see, hear, and talk to each other.

Simply log in to your meeting room and open the audio settings available in the top bar. You will notice there the selection of AV grid options. Choose the gallery view if you would like to see all the participants on your screen. Choose the speaker’s view if you would like to highlight the camera stream of the presenter.

You can also check our voice auto-detection feature. It is enabled by default and automatically changes the main speaker’s camera view, depending on who is talking at the moment. You can disable voice auto-detection to allow your attendees to choose the main speaker camera stream by themselves.

Complement your meetings with Edu mode to run efficient, distraction free online classes. Once enabled, presenters will see all the event attendees, while the attendees will only see the presenters and not one another. As soon as an attendee enables camera, they will see their video stream in the event room. Presenter’s video stream will show up as larger compared to that of an attendee. Note that presenters can ask an attendee (or multiple attendees) to speak to the entire group. 

You can also stay in the full control of your online meetup by assigning the roles of presenters to chosen viewers, moderating the discussions by blocking or unblocking selected attendees, running private chats, and logging someone out of the meeting. If too many people are talking at the same time or causing audio problems, you can click the Mute all button in the attendee list to turn off everyone’s microphone.

Please also note that 40 AV streams will only work in meetings (up to 40 people), and the CPU requirements will be very high for each attendee.

The new online meetings are available in every paid plan with no extra fees.