What is the Call-To-Action feature and how does it work?

The Call-To-Action feature is a customizable pop-up you can display at any time during your event. It includes a message, a button, and a graphic to redirect attendees to a website of your choice. It’s a great way to capitalize on audience engagement, present an external source, or make instant sales.

To set up this feature, enter your event room, go to the Menu on the left side of the screen, and click the Call-To-Action feature.

Enter a description of the action you want your audience to take (the characters limit is about 75 characters) and the text to display on the button. Add the URL address of a website of your choice to redirect there your attendees. You can also specify how long the pop-up should be visible. When you’re ready, click Create.

To disable the pop-up at any time, click the X icon next to it.

Watch our video tutorial to see how it works.