What do I need to know about subaccounts?

If you want more people to use the same ClickMeeting account, but their personal data must remain private, you can purchase a subaccount. You can purchase the subaccount in your account in the Account add-ons section. Choose the size and number of subaccounts and proceed with the purchase. You will be charged a prorated amount for the current period and the monthly (or annual) rate from then on.

The number of purchased subaccounts is unlimited, meaning you can purchase as many subaccounts as you need and cancel them anytime. Please remember, however, that the add-on remains active till the end of your actual billing cycle (monthly or annual). Only then will the subaccount no longer be active, and you will no longer be charged for it.

You can create only one level of subaccounts, meaning that subaccounts cannot own subaccounts. To assign a new subaccount, click your name in the right upper corner of the screen and go to the subaccounts section. Add a new subaccount there and provide such elements as page name, username, and email address.

Please note that you cannot purchase any add-ons to a subaccount nor change its subscription plan, as the subaccount is an add-on itself.

Once a subaccount is created, the system sends an activation email to the email address you provided. When the recipient clicks on the link and creates a password, the subaccount is fully functional and ready to use.

To manage the accounts, you can go to the subaccounts section and log in as them, edit the details, change the package, reassign, or delete them. To reassign a subaccount, delete the assigned user and create a new one. Please note that deleting a user also deletes the user’s data. This action cannot be undone.