What are event types?

Event types are predefined settings that give you more control over the event:

  1. Presenters only – used when there is more than one presenter. Turning on this mode allows presenters to speak to each other and not be heard by the participants. Please note that when you change the event type to Presenters only, your audio and video are not being recorded.
  2. Webinar – only the presenters can speak. Your audience can listen to the presentation but can’t use their microphones.
  3. Meeting – allows attendees to speak to you and to each other. Choosing this mode turns your event into an online meeting. To turn your event back into a webinar, choose Webinar from the list of event types. Please note that a meeting is available for events with up to 25 attendees. If too many people are talking at the same time or causing audio problems, you can click the Mute all button in the attendee list to turn off everyone’s microphone.

Please note that changing the audio mode will mute all the other presenters (if there is more than one). The presenter will need to enable their microphone again.