What are breakout rooms, and how do they work?

Breakout rooms are additional rooms where you can host workshops, lectures, or any other type of events for your attendees and work with them in separate, smaller groups. It is a great feature that can be used by teachers or trainers to work on specific subjects with just a few people and focus on the most salient aspects of projects, tasks, or ideas.

The ClickMeeting platform allows you to split your event into smaller, different sessions. The host can divide the audience into separate breakout rooms and assign them to particular sessions. Each conference can be split into 20 separate breakout rooms where you can gather up to 25 people in each one of them. This number, however, cannot be increased.

You, and your attendees, can join breakout rooms from a desktop browser, mobile application, or mobile browser. Depending on joining the breakout session, you will have different sets of rights available.

If you, as a host, will choose to start a breakout session from a desktop browser, you will be able to assign attendees to selected rooms and join them. This option gives you the most possibilities to control, join, and enjoy workshops, classes, or trainings in the form of a breakout room.

The mobile application allows you (as the host or the presenter) to join the main event and then move to the breakout room. However, please note that it is not possible to create a breakout room through the mobile app. In that case, you would want to make sure that this type of event is created via the desktop browser.

If you choose to join a breakout room via a mobile browser, you will be limited to only being able to join the event as an attendee. You will not be able to create breakout rooms nor assign attendees to them. Also, in this case, you would want to ask your presenter to help you create breakout sessions and assign attendees to them on your behalf. Your attendees can join breakout rooms and interact with you just as in a standard meeting.

Please note that breakout rooms are not compatible with dialed-in users and they will not be able to join them. If you intend to work with your audience in smaller groups within breakout rooms, please make sure the phone gateway is disabled. You can also advise your attendees to join the event via a desktop browser, mobile application, or mobile browser to be able to participate in a breakout session.

Remember that breakout rooms have their limitations. It means that you cannot record sessions hosted in breakout rooms, enable streaming on Facebook or YouTube there, or use the Live Streaming feature.

The breakout rooms are available in Live 50, Automated 50, and higher plans. Please note that breakout rooms do not increase the overall number of attendees who can participate in your event at once. For instance, if your plan of choice is Automated 100, this means that you can gather up to 100 attendees in the main event room and breakout room (or rooms).

If the 101st person is trying to join your event, they will see a notification on their screen that all seats are already taken. If this happens, you can upgrade your account to a higher package and then let additional attendees join your conference.