How do I manage the Automated Webinar Timeline?

The Automated Webinar Timeline is divided into two horizontal sections. With this tool you can easily arrange:

  • the sequence of the files, and
  • the time when they should be displayed during the webinar.

The uploaded sections will be available as colorful buttons on the Automated Webinar Timeline. You can easily manage those buttons.

  • You can drag and drop them wherever you want them to be in the webinar.
  • You can decide how long they are by clicking on them and dragging them left or right to make them longer or shorter.

A pop-up window will also be displayed after adding each component where you can manually set up the display length of each section. If you decide not to show a particular section, you can delete it.

Please note that you can manage the Call-To-Action button and display it at any time (before, after, or in the middle of any other component).

Remember to save the adjustments when you are finished setting up your Automated Webinar. For visual representation see our video tutorial.

When scheduling video files to run during your automated webinars, we strongly suggest that you add a few seconds to the end of the videos. This will act as a buffer against the slow Internet connection experienced by some attendees, with videos taking longer to load on their end.

Additionally, doing so will allow you to take control over the event, e.g. if you would like to hold a live Q&A session after the automated webinar.