How many events can I host on the ClickMeeting platform? Can I organize just one event?

ClickMeeting allows you to create as many events as you need in your account. You can schedule and prepare hundreds of events and have them available on your dashboard. You are also able to choose the type of your upcoming events.

You can host instant events, which are spontaneous events that do not need any prior preparation. You can go live anytime you want to speak to your audience on the move.

The platform allows you to create permanent or time-scheduled events. The first type uses the same link for each session that you’re going to host in the same webinar room. The permanent event will be available on your dashboard until you delete it.

Time-scheduled events are set for a specific date – after the event (or day) is over, it will disappear from your dashboard. If you have organized a session, its details will be available in your Timeline section. If you haven’t organized a time-scheduled event, there will be no data to store, meaning the event will be available neither on your dashboard nor in your timeline.

Create an automated event to play it for the audience on autopilot. Add a webinar recording, video, survey, or Call-To-Action button to the event to make it look like a live session. Choose the date and start time, and decide whether to enable the chat window or not. Let the automation do the rest.

Let your event be an on-demand session that can be watched by the attendees at any time. Decide if you would like your attendees to play, pause, or rewind the video, and leave messages during the event. You can answer them later.

You can organize only one event at a time, meaning that the events cannot overlap, but can be hosted one after another. If you would like to be able to host more than one session at the same time, purchase the Parallel event add-on available in the Account add-ons section. Remember that the maximum event duration time is 14 hours. After this time, the event will end automatically.