How does the process of creating breakout rooms look?

The option to enable breakout rooms is available within an event room and can be done by a host or presenter. Simply, open the event room, click the menu on the left side of the screen, and find the option Breakout rooms. Click the plus button and start adding your additional rooms with their own meaningful names.

A new pop-up on the screen will ask you how many breakout rooms you would like to create and prompt you to estimate the sessions’ time duration. When the approximate time is about to end, the system will ask you to add a few additional minutes for your sessions in breakout rooms. Time limits are a great option if your students are supposed to write tests or take exams in separate groups.

If you decide to host workshops or classes during which you will split your audience into smaller groups, please make sure to do it a few minutes before you go live with your event. You can also ask another presenter to prepare breakout rooms for you during your part of the live presentation. For now, creating and preparing them in advance is not possible.

By default, the event type available in a breakout room is a meeting hence why the limit imposed on attendees is 25. If you would like to discuss matters with the whole audience again, you would need to move them back to the main event room. Closing breakout rooms can be done by clicking the X icon in the menu in the main room.

Remember that breakout rooms have their limitations. It means that you cannot record sessions hosted in breakout rooms, enable streaming on Facebook or YouTube there, or use the Live Streaming feature.

Please note that breakout rooms are not compatible with dialed-in users and they will not be able to join them. If you intend to work with your audience in smaller groups within breakout rooms, please make sure the phone gateway is disabled. You can also advise your attendees to join the event via a desktop browser, mobile application, or mobile browser to be able to participate in a breakout session.

The breakout rooms are available in Live 50, Automated 50, and higher plans. Remember that you can create up to 20 breakout rooms, and you can gather up to 25 people in each one of them. The overall number of attendees who can participate in your breakout sessions depends on the subscription plan you have purchased.

For instance, if your plan of choice is Automated 100, this means that you can gather up to 100 attendees in the main event room and breakout room (or rooms).  The number of attendees who can join breakout rooms does not multiply the number of attendees your subscription plan indicates.