How do I add attendees to selected breakout rooms?

Adding attendees to a selected breakout room is possible in a few ways. For example, you can select all attendees at once, drag and drop them into a breakout room, or mark only a few of them and move them to the room. At this stage, you can also give your breakout rooms meaningful names or add new rooms, so it will be easier for you to manage it.

If you do not want to assign attendees to selected breakout rooms manually, you can randomize this option. The system will assign attendees to different sessions in the most random way. When you’re ready to start working in smaller groups, click Open all rooms, and wait a few seconds for the screen to load.

The attendees will see a notification on their screen and a timer counting down the seconds. They do not need to click anything at this stage but wait to be redirected to the right breakout room.

Please note that breakout rooms are not compatible with dialed-in users and they will not be able to join them. If you intend to work with your audience in smaller groups within breakout rooms, please make sure the phone gateway is disabled. You can also advise your attendees to join the event via a desktop browser, mobile application, or mobile browser to be able to participate in a breakout session.

Please note that joining the session hosted in a breakout room can only be done via the main event room. If your attendee unintentionally leaves the breakout room or loses their Internet connection, they will need to join the main event room and then be assigned to the correct room by the host or the presenter.

Breakout rooms do not have their own URL addresses; therefore, managing and assigning attendees by the host or the presenter is a requirement.