Can my attendees re-enter the breakout rooms?

It may happen that your attendees unintentionally leave a breakout room, or they will get kicked out of your event due to the poor Internet connection. In that case, they can join the main room once again and then be redirected to a selected breakout room.

When the attendees get back to the main event room, they will be notified to wait a moment before the host, or the presenter, assigns them again to a selected breakout room. The same type of notification will also be displayed on the host’s or presenter’s screen.

Please note that the attendees cannot join the breakout room by themselves and always need to be assigned to the right session by the host or the presenter. Breakout rooms do not have their own URL addresses, so it is impossible to join such a room directly. Therefore, re-entering a breakout room can only be done through the main event room with a host’s or a presenter’s help.

Please note that breakout rooms are not compatible with dialed-in users and they will not be able to join them. If you intend to work with your audience in smaller groups within breakout rooms, please make sure the phone gateway is disabled. You can also advise your attendees to join the event via a desktop browser, mobile application, or mobile browser to be able to participate in a breakout session.