Can I customize emails sent from ClickMeeting?

To customize certain elements of your email message, log in to your account and move the pointer to the upper right corner of the screen. Choose Appearance settings from the drop-down menu and then go to the Email tab.

In this section, you can choose the initial layout of the emails that will be sent from ClickMeeting. Choose the order of the elements by dragging and dropping them in place, and decide which elements you would like to delete or add to all future messages.

Decide if you want your attendees to see available phone numbers, presenter info, agenda, download/accept/decline buttons, logo, or room ID. Make your messages even more advanced by adding images, texts, or links.

A little pencil icon available on some of the elements enables you to edit the content of the section. Simply mark or unmark the options, provide descriptions wherever needed, and make your future messages more personal.