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Getting Started

How is ClickMeeting different from competing products?

Unlike other platforms, our software doesn’t require installation. The organizer and attendees need only a Web browser and Internet access.

The platform is flexible and customizable to meet your needs.

For more information about our advantage over competitors, please click here.

What are the hardware and software requirements to run ClickMeeting?

1.4 GHz Intel® Pentium® 4 or faster processor (or equivalent) for Microsoft® Windows® XP or Windows 7

2 GHz Pentium 4 or faster processor (or equivalent) for Windows Vista® Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8, Windows 10 (32-bit/64-bit editions with 32-bit browser)

512 MB of RAM (1 GB recommended) for Windows XP or Windows 7

1 GB of RAM (2 GB recommended) for Windows Vista, Windows 8 or Windows 10

Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or higher (32 bit only); Microsoft Edge; Mozilla Firefox 3 or higher; Google Chrome

The latest version of Adobe ® Flash® Player for all users (hosts, presenters, participants, and administrators). Ports 1935, 443 and 80 need to be open.

Does ClickMeeting work on a Mac?

Yes, ClickMeeting is fully compatible with a Mac. Mac requirements are:

1.83 GHz Intel CoreTM Duo or faster processor
Mac OS X v10.4, 10.5, 10.6 (Intel) or higher
512 MB of RAM (1 GB recommended)
Mozilla Firefox 3 or higher; Apple Safari 4 or 5; Google Chrome

The latest version of Adobe ® Flash® Player for all users (hosts, presenters, participants, and administrators).

Does ClickMeeting work on Linux?

Yes, ClickMeeting will run on Linux, but you need to have the latest version of Chrome installed, which has built-in Flash.

Please note that Screen Sharing is not available on Linux.

How much bandwidth do I need for ClickMeeting?

Call type Attendee Presenter
Audio 256 kbps 512 kbps
Audio + video 512 kbps 1024 kbps
Audio + video + screen sharing 1024 kbps 2048 kbps
3 camera feeds 2048 kbps 3072 kbps
4 camera feeds 3072 kbps 4096 kbps
5 camera feeds 4096 kbps 5120 kbps
6 camera feeds 5120 kbps 6144 kbps
7 camera feeds 6144 kbps 7168 kbps

What file extensions can be converted in ClickMeeting?

File extensions that can be converted in ClickMeeting are: avi, mov, flv, wmv, mpg, mpeg, mp4, mp4v, qtx, asf, m4v, m4u, m4e, mkv, ogv, ogm, ogx, qtm, qt, webm, wmx, mp3, wav, wma, pdf, ppt, key, odp, ppt, pdf, doc, pages, odt, xls, numbers, ods, png, jpg, txt, docx, xlsx, pptx.

How many video camera feeds can I have?

By default, you can have up to 4 video camera feeds during an event. If you require more, you can easily buy up to 3 extras. Simply log into your account, move the pointer to your name in the upper-right corner of the screen, and go to Account add-ons.

What is a webinar?

A webinar is a seminar that is conducted online (web + seminar). Webinars are also known as web seminars, web conferences or webcasts. Live webinars allow participants in different locations to see and hear the presenter and interact by asking questions, answering polls, etc. Webinars are commonly used in sales and marketing, education, and HR training.

How to create a webinar?

To create a webinar, you need access to a webinar platform. You also need a device with a stable Internet connection (not necessarily a desktop or laptop computer) equipped with a microphone and camera to broadcast your voice and image.

What is the difference between the multiuser account and subaccounts?

A multiuser account allows you to use different login credentials for the same account. Subaccounts are separate accounts managed from the main account. Choose multiuser if you want to avoid confusion over login credentials. If you want your coworkers’ information and files to remain private, and you’d like them to have separate storage space and recording time allowances, go for the subaccounts.

How do I create an online meeting?

When you create a new event, it is a webinar by default. To turn it into an online meeting for up to 25 attendees, enter your webinar room and change the audio mode to Discussion mode. To return to the webinar format, switch from Discussion mode to Listen only mode.

Alternatively, you can choose the online meeting format while scheduling your event. Go to the Settings tab and scroll down to the bottom of the page. In the section Room type choose Meeting. And you’re ready to go.

What phone numbers are available for ClickMeeting events?

City Phone number
Ankara +90 (850) 455-1249
Berlin +49 (157) 3598-9002
Buenos Aires +54 (11) 5032-8127
Calgary +1 (587) 774-1365
Chicago +1 (312) 702-1380
Dublin +353 (76) 680-3062
Houston +1 (832) 706-2490
Johannesburg +27 (11) 568-0920
Kansas City +1 (816) 666-7600
København +45 (7) 873-0919
London +44 (20) 7048-4146
Madrid +34 (91) 084-0589
Melbourne +61 (3) 9021-6833
Mexico City DF +52 (55) 8526-2977
Moscow +7 (495) 669-4207
New York +1 (917) 338-1451
Oslo +47 (21) 953-760
Paris +33 (9) 7512-9519
Perth +61 (8) 6365-0440
Philadelphia +1 (267) 279-9000
Praha +420 (2) 3409-3808
San Francisco +1 (415) 697-0350
Seattle +1 (206) 453-2087
São Paulo +55 (11) 3230-2305
Tel Aviv +972 (3) 374-1866
Tokyo +81 (3) 4570-4339
Toronto +1 (647) 497-7729
Warsaw +48 (22) 307-8288
Zürich +41 (44) 508-7143

What do I get with my 30-day free trial account?

Your free trial account includes the following specification:

Maximum number of attendees in your webinar: 25 (But if you turn your event into a meeting, the limit is 5 attendees.)
Maximum number of presenters: 2
Maximum number of camera feeds: 4
Webinar recording space: 30 minutes
Storage space: 64 MB


What is the multiuser feature?

The multiuser feature allows you to have multiple users on the same account. Co-workers, employees, or contractors can log into your account using their own credentials, and create and host their own events on your account.

Please note that the multiuser feature doesn’t allow you to host more than one event at the same time. For that, you’ll need to purchase an Additional Room Session in the account add-ons.

If you need privacy for the users on your account, purchase a subaccount. Each person gets their own storage space and recording time allowances and can keep their files and information private.


How many events can I run at the same time?

By default in all account types, you can run only one event at a time. If you wish to host multiple events at the same time, you need to purchase additional room sessions from the account add-ons menu.

What type of camera can I use?

ClickMeeting works with all the laptops’ built-in cameras, and most of the web cameras. More advanced ones may need installing more software or hardware. You can test your camera compatibility by using our Free Trial Account.


How can I convert my account from free-trial to paid?

When you log in to your account, the Upgrade now button will be displayed at the top of the screen. Click it, choose your service package, and click Continue. Then enter your billing details and click Upgrade account

How much does ClickMeeting cost?

The price is based on the maximum number of attendees at any one event. Full details are available on the pricing page.

We offer a 20% discount if you purchase an annual plan. We also offer discounts for nonprofit organizations. To learn more about the discounts for nonprofits, please contact us at:

How can I pay for ClickMeeting?

We accept all major credit cards including VISA, MasterCard, and American Express.

In countries where access to credit cards is limited, we accept payments via PayPal.

Where can I see which plan I’m on?

To view your current plan details, log in to your account and move the pointer to your name in the upper-right corner of the screen. In the Account details section look for Plan size.

How do I upgrade my ClickMeeting plan?

To upgrade your plan at any time, log in to your account and move the pointer to your name in the upper right corner of the screen. From the drop down menu select Billing details and click the Upgrade button.

Can I downgrade my ClickMeeting plan?

Yes, you can downgrade your plan to any paid plan currently available, starting with your next subscription period. To downgrade, please contact our Customer Success Team.

Please note that it is not possible to downgrade from a paid plan to a free trial.

Please also note that downgrading your account will result in the voidance of all your promo-codes.

How do I cancel my account?

To cancel your account, log in and move the pointer to your name in the upper right corner of the screen. From the drop-down menu select Billing details and click Cancel Account.

What is the ClickMeeting refund policy?

Because ClickMeeting is a pay-as-you-go service, we do not offer refunds. Instead, we provide a 30-day free trial, with no credit card required for sign-up. This gives you a zero-risk way to try ClickMeeting before purchasing it.

We do not issue refunds, even if you cancel immediately after your credit card is charged for the new billing period. For example, if we charge your credit card on August 10, and you cancel your account on August 15, you are still responsible for paying for the entire month (or year, if you have selected an annual plan.) No subsequent charges are applied to your credit card, but the amounts already charged are not refunded.

We treat all customers equally, so we do not make exceptions to this policy.

How do I create a subaccount?

Click your name in the upper right corner of the screen and go to Account add-ons. Click Subaccounts, choose the type and quantity of subaccounts you want to purchase, and click Buy. You’ll be charged a prorated amount for the current period and the monthly rate from then on.

How am I being charged for my subaccounts?

When you buy a subaccount, we charge you a prorated amount for the number of days left before the end of your billing period. Example: your billing period ends on the 15th of each month, and you purchase a subaccount on the 23rd. We will charge you proportionally for the period from 23rd to 15th, and the monthly rate from then on.

How do I cancel a subaccount?

Click your name in the upper right corner of the screen, go to Subaccounts, and click Manage my add-ons in the upper right corner. Assigned and activated subaccounts are shown in white; unassigned and inactivated accounts are shown in gray. Click Decrease beside a package and click Cancel beside the subaccounts you no longer need.

A canceled subaccount remains active until the end of the billing period, as shown on the bar. After that date, the canceled subaccounts will be deleted, all data will be deleted, and you will no longer be charged. This action cannot be undone.

How do I add funds to my account balance?

To add funds to your account, go to your account settings in the upper right corner of the screen, choose billing details, and click Buy more beside your account balance. Then select or enter the amount and click Pay. Your credit card will be charged accordingly.

Where can I see details of my toll-free transactions?

To see details of a transaction, go to Billing details in the upper right corner of the screen and choose Transactions history . Then find the session you want to view, click Actions , and choose Details . You’ll see the phone numbers your attendees used and the cost. For a detailed list of all dial-ins for a particular event, go to Actions and choose CDR .

At any time, you can check the toll-free usage of a particular event by viewing the event statistics.

Getting ready for the event

How do I schedule an event?

Go to the Schedule tab and click Schedule event on the right-hand side of the screen. Next, choose a name for your room and use the drop-down calendar to specify the date. Make sure the time zone setting on the right is correct.

Choose Access type. You can create events that are Open to all, Password protected, or Token protected. When logging in to token-protected meetings, attendees need individually assigned tokens, which are sent automatically with invitations.

In the Rebranding and Waiting room tabs, you can change the layout and branding of your webinar and waiting rooms, as well as the agenda and the lobby message displayed to attendees while they wait for the event to start.

If you enable Registration for your event, you’ll know in advance how many people want to take part. To capture additional information, go to the Registration tab and choose the details you require.

After choosing your settings, don’t forget to Save event.

How do I invite attendees to my event?

If the event hasn’t started yet, you can invite attendees in the Schedule tab by clicking Actions → Invite beside the event name. Next, choose Participants. Copy and paste email addresses: add them one at a time or select them from your address book or contact groups.

If the event is already running, invite attendees by clicking the Invite button on the Attendee List pod in your webinar room.

Is it possible to limit access to an event room?

Yes, you can create password- or token-protected event rooms, so only participants with the password or token can join. To set a password or token, click Actions → Edit to the right of the room name. Choose access type – Password or Token – and click Save event.

The password is the same for all participants. For token-protected events, each participant receives a unique token that only one person can use to enter the event.

If you choose token protection for your event, we recommend that you disable the phone gateway as token protection will not work with it.

Can attendees register for my events?

Yes they can, but you need to enable it when creating an event. Go to the Registration tab and turn the registration button to the On position. First name, last name and email address are required by default. If you want to add a new element from the list on the right-hand side, click it and drag and drop onto the registration page layout.

In order to obtain the room URL, your invitees need to find the invitation to registration in their mailbox and follow the link to the registration form. Once they have registered, they will receive the confirmation message with the room URL.

If you enable Registration, you’ll know in advance how many people want to participate, so you can capture any additional information you need.

How do I embed an event room on my website?

To the right of the room name in the Schedule tab go to Actions, choose Details, and go to the Embed tab. You’ll find code you can copy and paste into your website.


How do I reschedule an event?

Go to the Schedule tab and click Actions → Edit to the right of the room name. You can adjust the event time and other settings. Don’t forget to save it!

How do I re-send an invitation?

To the right of the room name in the Schedule tab, go to Actions, choose Details, go to the Invitation tab, and click Re-send beside the invitee(s) name(s).

Any time you edit an event, the system prompts you with the option of re-sending the invitation.

How do I assign a subaccount?

To assign a new subaccount, click your name in the upper right corner of the screen and go to Subaccounts. Click Add new subaccount and enter the page name, user name, and email address. Choose the package size for the new subaccount and click to confirm. The subaccount has been created but is not active yet.

How do I activate a subaccount?

Once a subaccount is created, the system sends an activation email to the email address you provided. When the recipient follows the link and creates a password, the subaccount is fully functional and ready to use.

How do I manage my subaccounts?

Click your name in the upper right corner of the screen and go to Subaccounts. Here you can see your assigned and activated subaccounts. You can log into them, change their package size, or delete them. You can also assign new subaccounts here.

For more options go to Manage my add-ons in the upper right corner of the screen.

How do I reassign a subaccount?

To reassign a subaccount, just delete the assigned user and create a new one. Please note that deleting a user also deletes the user’s data. This action cannot be undone.

How can I find out how much my toll-free minutes will cost?

When scheduling a new event, click Show details to calculate the cost of your toll-free minutes. Enter the number of expected attendees and the duration of the event into the calculator form.

At the end of your event, you will be charged for toll-free minutes used. If the funds in your account are not sufficient, the difference will be charged to your credit card.

How do I enable toll-free minutes?

To enable toll-free minutes, move the toll-free slider to the On position. If a pop-up message asks you to enable the phone gateway, click OK .

Please remember that you can also enable toll-free minutes from your webinar room while the event is in progress. Simply go to the Room settings and move the toll-free slider to the On position.

How do I change the language interface that appears in my event room recordings?

When you record your event, the system captures the default language interface you’ve chosen in your account language settings. To record your event with a language interface different from your default setting, you need to change it in the webinar room before you click the REC button (or the Ad hoc event button for events with Recording Auto-Start enabled).

Example: Your default language is Spanish, but you want the recording to show the German interface. First, enter your event room and change the language from Spanish to German. Second, click REC (or the Ad hoc event button for events with the Recording Auto-Start enabled).

Please note: Changing the event room language interface while recording will not change it on the recording. You need to stop the recording, change the language, and start recording again.

I encounter problems when I import *.xls or *.csv files into ClickMeeting. How can I fix this?

Your .xls and .csv files are encoded by default using Windows encoding. This is what causes your problems.

Here’s how to correct the problem by encoding your file using UTF-8. While editing your file in Microsoft Excel, go to File > Save as, click Tools in the bottom right corner of the window, and choose Web options. Another pop-up will appear. Go to the Coding tab and, under Save this document as, choose Unicode (UTF-8). Click OK and Save. Now import your file into ClickMeeting again.

During an event

How do I start an event?

Log in to your account, go to the Schedule tab, and click Join beside the event name. Your room will load instantly. Then click Start event.

How do I join an event?

You’ll need the URL of the webinar room. Simply click it or paste it into the browser address bar to go to the room.

If you don’t have the link, you can access the event at Click Join webinar and provide the ID of the event you wish to attend.

How do I join an event from an iPad, iPhone or Android device?

Launch your ClickMeeting mobile application.

If you are using a tablet, choose I’m a Participant or I’m a Host. Then enter Meeting ID, click Join, provide your name and email address, and again click Join.

If you are using a smartphone, the Participant tab is displayed by default. To change to Host, simply change the tab. Enter meeting ID, your name and email address, and click Join.

How do I set up my camera and sound?

After you log in to the webinar room, go to the Camera and voice pod and click the drop-down menus beside the microphone and camera icons. Choose mic and speakers; or telephone for audio, and camera (or avatar) for video. If a pop-up window appears, click Allow to allow access to your equipment.

What are Audio Modes and how are they used?

Audio modes are predefined settings that give you more control over the event:

  1. Presenters only – used when there is more than one presenter. Turning on this mode allows presenters to speak to each other and not be heard by the participants. Please note that when you change the conference mode in your event to Presenters only, your audio and video are not being recorded.
  2. Q&A mode – moderated question and answer session. Attendees can file question requests, and the presenter can give or take back voice. Only one participant at a time can speak.
  3. Listen only – only the presenter(s) can speak. Your audience can listen to the presentation but can’t ask questions. This is the default mode for your events.
  4. Discussion – allows attendees to speak to each other. Everyone can contribute to the conversation. Choosing this mode turns your webinar into an online meeting. To turn your event back into a webinar, choose the Listen only mode. NOTE: Discussion mode is available only for events with up to 25 attendees.

Please note that changing the audio mode will mute all the other presenters (if there are more than one). The presenters need to enable the microphone again.


How do I record an event?

Click the REC button at the top of the webinar room window. A flashing red light indicates the event is being recorded. Please be aware of your recording space limitation, which is based on your service package. Find out how much recording space comes with your service package here.

If you have used up all of your recording space, and your event hasn’t ended yet – don’t worry. The system allows you to continue recording until your event ends.

Note: when you change the conference mode in your event to Presenters only, your audio and video are not being recorded.

Can I email a recorded event?

Not directly. You can download it to your disk and send it to your attendees. Alternatively, you can export it to your Dropbox account and then send the link via email.

Can I play a video for my attendees?

Yes, there are two methods:

  1. Use the YouTube button on the share pod to play any video hosted on YouTube.
  2. Upload one or more videos into the Presentation tab. To play an uploaded video during an event, click the Presentation button on the share pod and choose the video.

How can I share my screen?

First, install our desktop sharing application. Click here to download it on your computer with Mac OS system or here with Windows system.

Go to the menu on the left in your webinar room and click on the Desktop sharing icon. Screen sharing application will launch automatically and be ready to use. You can share your full screenscreen area or selected application.

Please note that Desktop Sharing is available only on platforms that support Adobe AIR, i.e. MS Windows and Mac OSX. Desktop Sharing does not work on Linux or Chromebooks. Please note that on iPhone and iPad devices you can only watch a shared screen, but you are not able to share the screen yourself.

Can my attendees collaborate during the event?

Yes, the whiteboard tool is made for that. Click the Whiteboard button on the share pod. Then check the Collaborate box in the bottom right corner. Your attendees can now draw or make notes together.

Can I increase the number of attendees allowed in an event?

Yes. Go to the webinar room settings, select Extras and More seats. You can buy 200 additional seats for $99 – it will be charged to your default payment method.

Please note that you need to have a 100 or 500 package to be able to purchase this add-on.

How can I enable or disable chat?

Click the options icon in the upper-right corner of the chat pod and check or uncheck Enable for participants. Or simply minimize the chat pod to disable it.

How do I use simultaneous chat translation?

In the upper right corner of the chat pod, click Translate, select the language, and click OK. Your chat will be automatically translated with the original text shown below it in gray.

Can I poll/test my audience?

Yes. Click the Polls button on the share pod. Then click Create new, select Poll or Test, give your survey a name, and Start adding questions. Type your question, choose whether it is single-choice, multiple-choice or short-answer, then add answers. Once you finish adding your questions, click Finish.

To use your survey during an event, click the Polls button on the share pod and click the open icon beside the poll name.

Can I use an avatar instead of a camera feed?

Yes. On the camera and voice pod, choose Use Avatar from the drop-down list beside the camera image. You can choose an avatar from the library, upload an image from your computer, or take a photo using your webcam.

How do I end an event?

Click the End event button at the top right of the webinar window. Choose Exit myself to leave the room and keep it open for attendees who are still downloading files, chatting or reviewing media. Choose End session to close the event for all attendees.

Can my attendees dial into my events?

Of course! The dial in numbers are always included in the event invitation.

When setting up your event, you can choose the country your attendees will be dialling from. If you choose nothing, we will send recommended phone numbers for each attendee.

How do my attendees know they can dial into my event?

Your invitees will see the dial in numbers in their invitations.

When setting up your event, you can choose the country your attendees will be dialling from. If you choose nothing, we will send recommended phone numbers for each attendee.

How to record a webinar?

To record a webinar, your webinar solution needs to have a recording feature for capturing whatever is going on in your webinar room (please note that not all webinar solutions offer this feature). You also need a microphone and a webcam to capture your voice and image.

If you choose ClickMeeting, recording your webinar will require only one click in your webinar room. And after your recording is completed you can easily trim it using the tool provided in your account panel.

Does the video quality differ in MyWebinars and MyWebinars Pro packages?

Yes, it does. In MyWebinars Pro packages, we offer high-definition video, compared to MyWebinars where we offer standard definition.

The word “high-definition” refers to a method of presenting a picture with definition that is superior to standard.

The HD offered is the best possible configuration for the image quality, hardware, and broadband requirements for most webinar attendees and provides seamless webinars.


How do I use the dial pad while attending an event by phone?

If you are attending an event as a presenter, your dial pad options are:

# – hear the number of participants in the event
0 – hear the help menu
1 – mute/unmute yourself
2 – access audio modes submenu

In the audio modes submenu, choose from the following options:

1 – listen-only (presenters can speak, participants can listen only)
2 – discussion (everyone can speak and listen)
4 – private (only presenters can speak and hear each other, participants can neither speak nor listen)

4 – turn music on/off while waiting
7 – redirect participants to the event room and start the event
8 – lock or unlock the event (when conference is locked, only presenters can enter)
9 – end the event and disconnect all participants

If you are attending an event as a Participant, your dial pad options are:

0 – hear the help menu
1 – mute/unmute yourself
4 – turn music on/off while waiting
5 – ask a question

Note: when the Presenter chooses 1 in the audio modes submenu, all Participants are muted.

What is the Call To Action feature and how does it work?

The Call To Action feature is a customizable pop-up you can display anytime during your webinar. It includes a message and a button to redirect attendees to a custom web page. It’s a great way to capitalize on audience engagement, present an external source, or make instant sales.

To set up this feature, go to the share pod of your webinar room and click the plus sign. Select Create Call To Action from the menu:













Enter a description of the action you want your audience to take (up to 54 characters with spaces)[1] and the text to display on the button [2]. Add the URL of the custom web page for audience redirect [3]. You can also specify how long the pop-up will appear (1-7 minutes) [4]. When you’re done, click Display for all [5].













To disable the pop-up at any time, click Hide for all.

Watch video tutorial.

How does the integration with YouTube work?

The YouTube integration allows you to do two things: 1. find and play any video content during your event without leaving the webinar room, 2. export your recorded webinar directly to your YouTube channel.

How do I enable the integration with YouTube?

Go to the Settings in your account panel and enter the Integrations tab. Next, choose YouTube integration and click Authorize. You’ll be asked to provide your YouTube credentials. Once you submit it, your integration will be enabled.

How do I publish a webinar recording on my YouTube channel?

Go to your Storage and choose Recordings. Next, click Actions next to the recording you’d like to export and then click YouTube. Your file will be published automatically on your YouTube channel. After the upload is complete, you’ll receive a private message in your ClickMeeting inbox. Please note that your uploaded video is not public by default. To make it public, you need to change it manually in the video details. You can access all your videos on this page.


How do I configure the YouTube Live Streaming for the first time

Please log into your YouTube account and hover the pointer to your name in the right corner.

Please choose the Creator Studio and then click on Live Streaming > Stream now option.

Please note that the process of getting access to Live Streaming may take up to 24 hours.


How long is the streaming key valid?

The streaming keys are valid for 5 days. After this time, you would want to copy and paste new streaming keys in order to be able to broadcast your webinars on YouTube or Facebook.

Will my live streams on Facebook and YouTube be recorded?

The webinars will be recorded on YouTube or Facebook even if you do not initiate the recorder within the ClickMeeting platform.

The video will be available on your Facebook wall or YouTube panel. The video will be either public or private depending on the settings in your Facebook or YouTube account.

After an event

What can I view in my Statistics?

You can view details of your events and attendees: total number of events broken down by month, total number of meetings and webinars, how many attended, where they were from, and what devices they used to access your event. You can also view details of each attendee: their email address, duration of their attendance, browser used, location, their event rating, and polling statistics.

How do I send thank-you notes to attendees?

ClickMeeting automatically redirects attendees to a thank-you page after the event ends. You can choose any web page. After the event, ClickMeeting also sends an automatic thank-you email to each participant (its content can’t be customized at present).

Can I keep track of my events history?

Yes, details of all your events are saved in your account. To look them up at any time, go to the Timeline tab. Your events are displayed in chronological order with the most-recent on top.

Can ClickMeeting be integrated with social media platforms or external services?

Of course! You can connect ClickMeeting with Facebook, Flickr, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Chrome, HubSpot, iCal, iWork, LinkedIn, Moodle, MS Office, Salesforce, Slack, YouTube, Twitter.

To get started, log into your account, click your name in the upper-right corner and choose Account Settings. Next, go to the Integrations tab and click an app to start integrating it. Or go to ClickMeeting App Center to download a plug-in.

How do I delete a subaccount?

To delete a subaccount, click your name in the upper right corner of the screen and choose Subaccounts. Click Actions beside a subaccount and choose Delete user. Please note that deleting a subaccount will also delete all data related to it. This action cannot be undone.

Please remember that deleting a subaccount is not the same as canceling it.

How much storage space do I have?

Depending on your pricing plan, you can store from 128 MB up to 1 GB of files. To find out how much space you have remaining, please go to the Presentations area in the Storage tab of your account panel.

Please note: the size of a single file can’t exceed 500 MB.

Please also note: if you’re about to run out of storage space but still have at least 1 MB left, you can upload a file not larger than 500 MB and exceed your allowance. However, you will not be able to upload any more files after that.

Can I buy more storage space?

Of course! Simply go to Storage in the Add-ons section of your account settings or go to File Storage in the Extras section of your webinar room.

But before you do that, go through all your files and delete the ones you no longer need (download them before deleting, if necessary.) Also, consider uploading the videos you want to share to YouTube and use our easy integration to show them to your attendees in your webinar room. You can also integrate your ClickMeeting account with DropBox and use it as an extension of your storage space.


How do I change my password?

To change your password, log in to your account and go to your name in the upper right corner of the screen. From the drop-down menu select Account details, go to Change password and click Reset password. A link will be sent to your email address. Follow the instructions to change your password.


Why is the file I’m uploading to storage stuck on 100%?

There may be a delay in refreshing the progress bar. If this persists, and refreshing the site has no effect, try removing the file by clicking the Delete link on the right-hand side. If this doesn’t work, wait a few minutes and use the Upload file button again. If the same thing happens, please contact our Customer Success Team.

I turned on camera and sound but don’t hear anything. What can I do?

  1. Make sure your devices are plugged in and working correctly.

    We recommend testing them by launching any other application that requires their use. If everything is OK, go to your event room and allow Flash Player to access your device by clicking the Allow button.

    If you do not see or hear anything, go to the Camera and Voice pod and click the Settings icon then Audio/Video settings. Using the drop-down list(s), check whether the correct microphone and camera are selected. If not, select the correct device(s).

    This should solve the problem. If not, please contact our Customer Success Team.

  2. Make sure you don’t have any other application running that requires the camera and microphone (i.e. Skype), as this could interfere with ClickMeeting if both are running at the same time.

Why do I hear an echo when I speak?

Echo is caused when the microphone is picking up sounds from the speakers. To avoid this problem, we recommend using headsets. Additionally, go to Audio/Video settings, choose Advanced microphone settings and check the Use echo cancellation box.

How long is Flash Player going to be supported?

Google Chrome has released official statements including their final dates of supporting the Flash Player plugin. We recommend familiarizing yourself with them if you wish to continue organizing webinars in the older version of the webinar room. Please note, however, that we do offer a new audio-video technology which you can start using today to avoid any difficulties during your events.

If you use another browser, such as Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Safari, please click on its name to find out when the Flash Player plugin will no longer be supported.


What is GDPR?

The abbreviation GDPR refers to the legal act adopted by the European Union that regulates the principles of personal data protection, which came into force on May 25, 2018. The act aims to ensure an appropriate level of personal data protection of individuals and harmonize the rules regarding data processing in the EU. It applies to every company providing services to EU citizens, even if it is not based in the EU.

Is ClickMeeting required to comply GDPR?

As a company operating under Polish law, ClickMeeting is required to implement and comply with GDPR, like any company that stores or processes the personal data of EU citizens and markets services or products to those citizens, even if the company does not have a business location in the EU.

What does ClickMeeting do to comply with GDPR?

In order to ensure compliance of our activities with GDPR we have audited the entire organization, introduced appropriate technological solutions in the service we offer, changed our internal policies, reviewed and renegotiated our agreements with data processors. We regularly train our employees and constantly monitor the current standards to ensure the highest data processing security, making appropriate changes in our organization when necessary.

Does ClickMeeting process any personal data?

Yes, ClickMeeting participates in the processing of personal data, both as a data controller (of ClickMeeting customer data) and as a processor (of customer webinar participants).

Does ClickMeeting collect personal data correctly?

At ClickMeeting we care about your privacy and do everything to protect personal data we process. We use appropriate technological and physical security measures to protect your personal data and ensure compliance with the law. For more information regarding the processing of your personal data, see our Privacy Policy available here.

I am a ClickMeeting customer. Who is the controller (owner) of my personal data?

ClickMeeting is the data controller as regards personal data of its customers and it processes such data primarily in order to provide access to the ClickMeeting platform. For more information regarding the purpose and scope of data processing, as well as the ways in which your personal data is processed by ClickMeeting, see our Privacy Policy available here.

Does ClickMeeting conclude data processing agreements?

Yes, because ClickMeeting is a data processor for the personal data of webinar attendees, we create data processing agreements between ClickMeeting and our customers. GDPR specifies the duty to conclude such agreements and standard provisions to include.

Does ClickMeeting use sub-processors in the course of providing the service and the processing of personal data entrusted by its customers?

Yes, as it is necessary for the implementation of our services. ClickMeeting is a global company that allows you to use the service almost anywhere in the world. Primarily because of that, ClickMeeting engages other entities in the course of providing the service to which it further entrusts the processing of personal data received from customers. This means that there occurs the so-called personal data sub-processing.

A complete list of our subprocessors can be found here.


How can I record my event?

First, you need to create an event and record it. You have two options to record your webinar: 

– Go to the upper right corner in your Account Panel and choose Account Settings from the drop-down menu. Then go to the Advanced Setting tab and click the Recording Auto-Start checkbox. Then, click “Save,” and now all your events will be recorded automatically. 

– Create an event and click the “Rec” button on the top bar in the webinar room. 

The second step you need to take is after the webinar. Go back to your Account Panel. Click on “Storage” in the upper right corner of your screen. Then choose “Recordings” from the drop-down menu. Pick an event from the list, click “actions” on the right-hand side, and select “publish”. 

How do I send the recording of the event to my attendees?

Click on “Storage” in the upper right corner of Account Panel. Then choose “Recordings” from the drop-down menu. Pick an event from the list, click “actions” on the right-hand side, and select “publish”.  

You will see an “Ok, it’s on” pop-up with a “send” button. As soon as you click the “Send” button in the “Ok, it’s on” pop-up, your attendees will receive an email with the link to your on-demand recording.

How can I grow my leads with recorded events?

Sharing a recorded event can open a new way to build your lead base. When you share it with your social media and other channels, you can reach potential clients. To get access to your recorded webinar, they will have to enter their email address in a special pop-up that will come up. They will get a link to your recording, and you will have their emails in your lead base. It’s a win-win situation. 

Where can I check the list of leads of my shared recorded events?

Click on “Contacts” in the upper right corner of Account Panel. Choose the “Address Book” from the drop-down menu. Now click the “My groups” tab on the left-hand-side menu. You will see a list of your webinar groups. By clicking on any of them, you will get a list of viewers with all of their details, in the middle of your screen. 

Can I share my recording with social media?

Yes! You can share your webinar recording with LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook using the share buttons in Publication Details. To do that, you need to click “Storage” in the upper right corner of your Account Panel and choose “Recordings” from the drop-down menu. You will see the “Actions” button on the right side of the recording. In the drop-down menu, you will find the “Publication Details. 

On-demand webinars

What is the difference between live and On-Demand Webinars?

Live webinars are those events conducted in the real-time, with a host/organizer present in the webinar room. The On-Demand Webinar is a form of a pre-recorded webinar that is created with components prior to publishing. As soon as your participants receive an email invitation, they have unlimited access to it. They can join your event whenever and wherever they want.

How do I set up an On-Demand Webinar?

Log in to your account and schedule your event. In the Room Type section, choose “On-Demand”, provide the name and decide on Access Type for your event.

Then choose which components should be added to your webinar – the pre-recorded video, presentation or 3rd party program recordings, or a custom Call-To-Action button. Make sure all your components are ready in advance!

You can enable scroll controls for your event and an option for the participants to leave you a message if needed.

Where can I check the list of leads of my On-Demand Webinar?

Click on “Statistics” in the upper right corner of Account Panel. Choose the “on-demand events” tab. You will see a list of your webinars along with the number of unique attendees. By clicking on “Actions” and then “View details” you will get a list of viewers with all of their details. The messages left by viewers will be available in that section as well.