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New to ClickMeeting?
Use these guides to get started.


New to ClickMeeting?
Use these guides to get started.


Event room tips

I turned on the microphone but don’t hear anything. What can I do? Why do I hear an echo when I speak? The audio/video is breaking up. What can I do? Mobile app – useful tips

I turned on the microphone but don’t hear anything. What can I do?

Make sure your device is plugged in and activated on your computer or laptop. The volume should be set at an appropriate level. Speak into your microphone to test if the device is working properly. If the microphone icon turns green, this means that everything is OK.

Make sure you don’t have any other application running in the background that uses the camera and microphone (i.e. Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.), as this could interfere with ClickMeeting if both are running at the same time.

If your attendees are communicating that they cannot hear you, make sure your microphone is turned on in the webinar room (the green microphone icon). Plug in new external devices before opening your web browser and the webinar room. In most cases, you will need to refresh them to detect the new device(s).

Make sure the Presenters Only webinar mode is not enabled. In this mode, only presenters can hear and see each other, and the audio and video are not being recorded.

You can also refer to our Audio Video Manual to find more solutions. If this does not help, please contact our Customer Success Team.

Why do I hear an echo when I speak?

If you or your attendees hear an echo in the webinar room, it may be caused by the device you are using. This happens when multiple people are speaking during the webinar and at least one of them is using loudspeakers in their hardware configuration. In this scenario, audio from the computer’s loudspeakers is caught by the microphone and played back to the webinar, causing the feedback issue (echo).

You can fix this by having all of your speakers use headphones or dedicated headsets.

The audio/video is breaking up. What can I do?

If your audio seems to be choppy or breaking up, make sure your Internet connection is stable enough or available bandwidth is sufficient to properly stream the audio and video. Check if any apps are running in the background and switch them off. Focus especially on applications that have auto-update settings or typical download manager apps for any files that might be downloaded/uploaded during your webinar.

Try to limit the bandwidth usage in your webinar room by turning off the screen sharing application or inactive users’ cameras (instead, upload a photo or set up an avatar). Use an Ethernet connection rather than Wi-Fi, and use a private network whenever possible.

Restart the computer and router if the steps above do not solve the problem or contact our Customer Success Team.

We also highly recommend checking our Status page where you may find up-to-date information regarding our servers, web pages, and many more. Subscribe to it to receive email messages about the newest occurrences.

Mobile app – useful tips


  • To use the ClickMeeting app on an Android device, your device should be running 7.1 or a higher version of Android operating system.
  • To check the ClickMeeting app version, click the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the application welcome screen.
  • To run a ClickMeeting event on a mobile device, please join the event through the ClickMeeting app. If you use a mobile browser, you can join the event only in the attendee role.
  • Screensharing is available to hosts, presenters and online meeting attendees using the ClickMeeting mobile app on Android devices.

AV: The audio is breaking up, the video keeps freezing, you keep getting dropped from the call…
Try these troubleshooting steps to improve your experience:

  • turn off the background apps you are not using at the moment;
  • avoid downloading/uploading large files in the background and postpone any updates;
  • try moving closer to your router. If doing so does not help improve your connection quality, switch over to a different wireless network or to 3G/4G instead.

If complete mute is a must during your work, go ahead and mute the ClickMeeting app. You can mute the sound while using the RWD room version too.