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Question mode

We created a feature called Question mode for focusing attention on important questions from the audience.

It’s a good practice to have someone else manage questions while the presenter delivers the webinar content.

In this video, we assume that you’re in charge of managing questions.

Here’s how Question mode works.

Go to the Dashboard on the left side of the webinar room and open Question mode.

Now, when typing questions, your attendees can mark them with the question mark icon.

These questions will be added to the question list kept in a separate tab.

If your attendees fail to mark them, you can do it yourself by clicking Mark as question.

You can keep Question mode open for the duration of your webinar while using other features from the dashboard.

When you want your presenter to start answering those questions, go back to Question mode.

Click Q&A Mode, select a question from the tab, and click Publish.

It then appears in the main webinar window for everyone to see and for the presenter to answer.

To close a question, click the x sign in the upper-right corner.

Alternatively, you can click Revoke beside the question on the question list.

When your presenter finishes answering questions, and you want to close the question mode, uncover the Dashboard and click the x in the upper-right corner of the thumbnail.

That’s it for now. See you in the next episode!