Impulse Su Webinar: 10 Divertidos Consejos

Webinars: Your Way to Global Communication. Intro: Webinars as the way to communicate globally with your audience are getting more and more popular. Not convinced yet? Check out some cool statistics from ClickMeeting and see how powerful online communication can be! Over the last year 154268 online meetings and webinars were held on ClickMeeting. That's 3213 per week, 460 per day! Duration of all webinars : 8898898 mins. That's 16 years and 93 days! An average webinar duration was 57 min: 40 sec. Tip: A webinar should last for up to 60 minutes and include Q&A session at the end. 1097226 people around the world participated in webinars on ClickMeeting. 28 people per event on average. Participation in webinars via: WEB 90%, PHONE 2.5%, MOBILE Application 7.5%. Did you know that you can connect to ClickMeeting online events via web, phone or various mobile applications for your smartphones and tablets? All for your convenience! Events attendees chat in 52 different languages. Did you know that inside ClickMeeting online room chat conversations can be translated automatically in to 52 languages? When do you organize webinars?: Monday 7%, Tuesday 17,5%, Wednesday 20%, Thursday 19%, Friday 18,5%, Saturday 12%, Sunday 6%. For all those webinars, events organizers uploaded: 28329 files. What type of files were uploaded: images (4793), video (1216), audio (684), presentations (pdf, ppt etc) (21633). Did you know that in ClickMeeting you can upload any type of file for your webinar! Just so your events are more effective. People join webinars from all over the world. The record on ClickMeeting was 87 nationalities on one webinar! During those online events 18609 surveys were held. Tip: Our experts recommend holding a test or a survey during your webinar to engage your audience and receive valuable feedback! Duration of all webinar recordings: 1352561 min. That's 940 days! Did you know you can record all your online sessions in ClickMeeting and use it as a reference or useful resource?
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