Does ClickMeeting use sub-processors in the course of providing the service and the processing of personal data entrusted by its customers?

Yes, as it is necessary to provide our services properly and at the highest level. ClickMeeting is a global company that allows you to use the service almost anywhere in the world. Primarily because of that, ClickMeeting engages other entities in the course of providing the service to which it further entrusts the processing of personal data received from customers. This means that there occurs the so-called personal data sub-processing.

Please note that the sub-processing in the sense mentioned above does not include any ancillary services that ClickMeeting orders from other entities to assist in the provision of the ClickMeeting service, such as for example telecommunications services, user support and communication services, auditing or the disposal of data media services. However, also with respect to such ancillary services ClickMeeting concludes adequate legal agreements and takes appropriate measures to safeguard the protection and security of data.

A detailed list of our subprocessors can be found here.