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The New Workplace Reality

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<p><a href=""><img src="" alt="Flexible work arrangements are becoming standard for most offices. 3.3 million people work primarily from home. Another 2.8 million people are home-based self-employed. Another estimated 25 million people are telecommuting less than half the time. That's over 30 million telecommuters! 80% US offices allow telecommuting, 71% of workers participate in a telecommuting program, 49%, commute 1 day a week, 22% commute 5 days a week Who are these telecommuters? The average telecommuter is male, mid to late 40's, earns about $58k annually and works for a company with 100 employees What kind of technology and equipment helps workers telecommute? 92% use laptops provided by their work place, 75% use smartphones, 75% use web conferencing solutions, 36% use videoconferencing hardware or software. Telecommuters were 13.5% more productive than staff in the office. They also put in 9.5% more time.If increased productivity and time spent working isn't convincing enough for employers to institute a telecommuting program, there are other benefits too. Absenteeism improved by 60%, Employee stress was reduced by 82%, Employee morale improved by 80%. Why does telecommuting work so well? 1/3rds of the productivity increase was due to a quieter environment. 2/3rds of the productivity increase was due to people working more hours – they started earlier, took shorter breaks and worked until the end of the day. The bottom line - doing the math. Telecommuters worked: 3.8 more hours a week, 15.2 more hours a month, 182.4 more hours a year (based on a 40 hour work week, 48 weeks a year). That means telecommuting employees worked the equivalent of 2 more days a month! Two days a month X 3.3 million = the equivalent of 79.2 million more days a year for US companies who allow employees to telecommute every day!" width="768" height="3677" /></a></p>
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Telecommuting the New Workplace Reality