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10 веселых советов

Rock Your Webinar: 10 Fun Tips: 1. Don’t panic. Well, maybe just a little. In real life, real people take bold steps, stumble, and recover. Learning to deal with annoying glitches is part of becoming a great webinar producer. 2. Present your agenda. Show them how organized you are. You remembered to get organized, right? 3. Get to the point. “Um… let’s see… what’s first… how’s everybody doin’?” Get to the point, or your audience will begin to disappear. 4. Engage your audience. Dramatize the pressing problem you’re here to solve. That’s why they showed up. 5. Watch the clock. You want them to say, “Please, don’t stop,” not “Please, no more.” 6. Organize your Q&A. You can’t read chat, type chat, and speak chat all at once. Appoint a chat assistant to free you up, so you can respond to questions intelligently. 7. Dread the dead air. If things go haywire, just talk about it. They need smart-you, not perfect-you. 8. Be confident. And if you don’t feel confident … fake it Gradually, you’ll begin to feel more confident and become a better presenter. 9. Keep it positive. Don’t “advertise” mistakes by dwelling on them. You can obsess after the webinar. 10. Summarize and say goodbye. Build momentum until you cross the finish line then wave, bow, and go. Bonus: Guy Kawasaki’s 10-20-30 Rule. Impose constraints to concentrate the power to your presentation. 10 slides: cover 10 fascinating ideas, not 132 boring ones. 20 minutes: brevity allows time for pre-show dillydally and post-show Q&A. 30-point font: big, clear fonts reduce wordiness and assist elderly eyes.
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