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22nd of April is the National Earth’s Day. Be eco-friendly with ClickMeeting. A single business trip, that lasts up to 30hrs and costs around $1000, may produce even 4660 pounds of CO2. Meeting with the client; Location: Las Vegas at Client’s VenueMeeting, duration: 3hrs, Number of participants: 2 + client, Distance: Atlanta – Las Vegas-Atlanta (1746 km). Cost, Travel, Price incl. return tickets, Taxi, Airport transfer return. Expenses: Accommodation - 4* Hotel situated in Las Vegas strip. OFFLINE MEETING: PLANE, $840, $40, $100, $88. Total: $1,073. CLICKMEETING. INTERNET, No travel cost involved, $7.5 - Monthly cost for unlimited online meetings. Time: Meeting duration. Travel Incl.1 night stay and flight. Total OFFline meeting. Plane 3hrs, 29.5hrs, Flight 4hrs –one way, 32.5hrs, 3hrs. No time spent on travelling- 3hrs. ECO Emission of CO2- 4660 pounds vs. 0,66 pounds. This infographic was created by ClickMeeting Team. All data included was based on current prices and time tables offered by airlines, airport shuttle services and hotels based near Las Vegas main strip.
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