Edukacja poprzez webinary

Education Through Online Video Conferencing and Webinars. The video conferencing is rapidly growing in popularity. It is widely used in business and as well as in education. Desktop Video Conferencing 43% users growth. Thanks to the video conferencing education, students can share a virtual classroom regardless of their lace of residence. They can easily learn from the best available tutors, while being at home or in travel. Learning through video conferences and webinars becomes more popular every year. The education market in the US is worth $1.4 trillion. 41% of respondents used videoconferencing on a laptop or mobile device for school-related activities last year. 1 in 3 students will attend a virtual classroom or use distance learning in the coming academic years. Video data represents almost 50% of the total internet traffic and over 60% of the traffic on mobile devices. 99% of students possess at least one mobile device. The demand for video conference software is increasing from year to year by more than 25%. 91% of HR professionals plan to increase virtual training use. Cost of an online course is 40% lower that an instructor-led training. Video conferencing is a solution that perfectly fits the ongoing trends in social and technological development.
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