Mobile app – useful tips

AV: The audio is breaking up, the video keeps freezing, you keep getting dropped from the call…
Try these troubleshooting steps to improve your experience:

  • turn off the background apps you are not using at the moment;
  • avoid downloading/uploading large files in the background and postpone any updates;
  • try moving closer to your router. If doing so does not help improve your connection quality, switch over to a different wireless network or to 3G/4G instead.

If complete mute is a must during your work, use the RWD room version. Note that for the time being this option can only be used by attendees joining webinars. It is impossible to completely mute the ClickMeeting mobile app due to technical limitations (which is the case for many other apps as well).

Whiteboard: The Whiteboard feature in the mobile app allows you to draw, erase and clear the whiteboard. To use more advanced features (e.g. add text or images, choose from a variety of colors, change the linewidth), please join the event from a web browser or use the ClickMeeting desktop app.