How to use the ClickMeeting desktop app?

Joining and managing events can be done in a few ways. You can either choose an updated browser and join your event from there. Alternatively, you can download the ClickMeeting mobile app, which is compatible with any smartphone, or you can use our desktop application which not only will allow you to join or manage your conferences but also change the virtual background in your camera stream.

To be able to join, manage, and host events with our ClickMeeting desktop app, you would need to download it first. Click here if your device has the Mac OS X system and here if you prefer to work with Windows. The download and installation process will take only a few moments.

After the installation is ready, open the application and wait for it to load. Install any updates if necessary. This will make your experience better and help you avoid unnecessary issues during your event. The update might take a while, so please do not close the popup window.

The next screen on the desktop application will prompt you to choose whether you would like to log in as a host or as an attendee. The host will be asked to provide their username or email address assigned to the account as well as the password. The attendee will need to provide the event ID or room URL to join the conference.

If you’re an attendee, you will be redirected straight to the event room or the waiting room. In the latter case, please wait for the host to start the event.

The organizer, however, sees a different layout of the application. Once the application loads, you will see four tabs containing the event you have already scheduled. You can check which of them are your upcomingpermanent, or favorite events. If you would like to create one, click the Create event button, and choose which type of event you would like to schedule. Please note that creating events within the desktop app is not possible and you will be redirected to your standard account panel to do this in a browser.

To join the event from the list, click the Join button next to it or click the Join event button in the upper-right corner of the desktop app. Provide the event ID or room URL and join the conference.

Please note that each event can be added to the Favorites section, and they will be listed in the Favorites tab. We recommend adding here your recurring daily, weekly, or monthly events. This will help you have them at your fingertips at all times.

Each event on the list can be easily managed. Click three dots next to the event of your choice and decide if you would like to share it on your social media or via email message. You can check the details of each event in the Details tab and find the room URL, event ID, event type, and access type info there. You can also edit the event (this action will redirect you to your browser-based account panel) or delete it if you do not need it anymore.

All of the files, which you would like to present during your event, can also be managed from and added to the desktop application. Click on the folder icon on the left to display your presentation, image, video, audio, and other files. Preview, download, delete, and add files you need during your webinar or meeting. Remember that the file you upload cannot be bigger than 500 MB.

Click on your profile picture in the upper-right corner of the app to find out more details. In the first tab, Profile, you will find all details regarding your account and subscription plan. In the Settings tab, you can change the Appearance settings and choose the app mode (light or dark). The Background section allows you to enable virtual background during your event. Choose one of the available background pictures, add your own picture, or simply blur the background. These settings can be easily adjusted by clicking the Adjust button. In the Language tab, you can choose the language you want to use for the app.