How does the chat in the event room work?

The chat window available in the right-bottom corner of the event room allows the organizer, presenters, and attendees to collaborate with each other by typing the messages. It also enables the speakers to send the audience an insightful link, inform them about important matters, or start a simple conversation. The options of the chat are limitless, and it is up to you how you will make use of them.

To type any message in the chat window, click on the typing bar and start writing your message. To send it to your audience, click Enter on your keyboard. You can also add emojis to your message to make it more interactive and better express your emotions. Click the little emoji icon available in the bar to choose between hundreds of smiles or emoticons as well as set up your status – Raise hand or I need help. The status will appear in the attendee list next to the camera and microphone icon. To clear your current status, get back to your chat window, click the emoji icon again and choose Clear my status.

Also in the same chat window, you can click the paperclip icon to attach any file to your conversation. Find the right file on the list or upload it directly from your device. Remember that the file cannot be bigger than 500 MB. You can add a maximum of 5 files at a time for your attendees to download on their personal computers.

A new tab, Shared files, will appear in the chat window to make the downloading process easier for attendees. They will find there all of the shared documents, as well as more tabs dedicated to presentations, images, videos, audio files, or others only. The attendees can download them on their computer, and you, as a presenter, can display the shared file on the main screen, pin it to the top (as every other message that’s worth noticing), or reply to it if needed. Replying to the messages in the chat window allows attendees to know what everyone is answering to, so the flow of the conversation is uninterrupted.

Click the gear icon in the chat window to see more helpful options. Decide if you want to enable the chat window for your attendees or shut it down completely. You can also decide which content will be visible to your audience by choosing the moderated chat option. That way, only chosen messages will appear in the chat window. We also highly recommended asking another presenter to manage the chat moderation on your behalf while you deliver your presentation.

If you wish to make your chat a little bit more lively, you can also enable sound notifications, show timestamps, or change the font size. These settings can be managed by each of the users individually, so they can decide how the chat should look on their end.

If you host events for multinational audiences, consider using a simultaneous translation of chat messages. Your attendees can choose one of 52 available languages and understand the conversation in their native language. The translations are immediately ready and visible in the chat window.

At the end of the event, you can also export the chat history manually as TXT, XML, or CSV files and get back to it right after leaving the event room. If you do not do that, you do not need to worry. All chat conversations are saved automatically within your account panel in the Storage and Chat and Q&A logs section.