How can I manage the recording storage and archive space in my account?

In the recordings section, you can see how much space you have left as well as you can manage all your recordings. You can download them directly onto your computer, and edit them using a third-party editing program. If you would like to present it to a broader audience, you can send the event recording to your YouTube channel or Dropbox account to continue your actions from there.

If you notice you are running out of the main storage space, you can archive the files. Archive storage is an additional place where you can keep all the recordings that you do not need at a time, or you simply want to free up the main storage space for new files.

Please note, however, that the archive section should not be treated as the only place to store your unused recordings. We highly encourage you to make copies of recordings on your own local devices or external drives, export files to other platforms, such as Dropbox or YouTube, or use only the main storage space. The archive section is subjected to periodical technical work and, as a result, files can get permanently deleted. This action is irreversible. The account owner is responsible for managing the archive section within their account.