Can I purchase more storage space and how much does it cost?

To purchase additional storage space, log in to the account and hover the pointer over the Storage section in the upper bar. From there, you can decide whether you would like to purchase additional storage space for your recordings or files.

In both sections, click on the Need more button to display the add-ons on the screen (Recording space or Storage). Choose the most appropriate add-on for you and click Buy – the exact amount for purchase will be displayed underneath the button.

When you purchase an add-on, you will be charged a prorated amount for the number of days left before the end of your billing cycle. The fee for the add-on(s) will then be charged as a recurring payment with the main subscription plan until you cancel. The add-ons can be cancelled in the Billing Details section.

Depending on your pricing plan, you can store from 500 MB up to 2 GB of files. Please note that the size of a single file can’t exceed 500 MB.